Our products
Welcome to ZUW Milikowice. It is our honor to offer you our services as well as high quality business partnership.
Our company was founded in 1990. ZUW is a family business specializing in comprehensive realization of projects in the area of light and heavy as well as small and large steel constructions. We offer technological preparation, prefabrication, assembly, machining, anticorrosive coating, final installation of steel constructions, loading and transporation services.
We would like to put emphasis on the following:
  • Construction cranes
  • Offshore platforms and equipment
  • Mining
  • Automotive, Energy and Pharmaceutical industries
Our products and services are implemented for local and foreign clients. We use cutting edge technologies and work in a professional shop floor.The certificates and licences make possible the production process to be held in accordance with all the EU requirments. Our professional and expierineced employees are the most valuable assets of the company and they are ready to meet individual manufacturing and market requirments of each project.
ZUW Milikowice     ||     Milikowice, ul. Parkowa 5, 58-140 Jaworzyna Śl.     ||     tel./fax (074) 858 84 95     ||     swidnica@milikowice.com.pl